Kardia’s Advanced Determination Feature Explained

KardiaCare’s Advanced Determinations can detect a wider range of arrhythmias and give you a deeper look at your heart rhythm.

Whether you experience a heart palpitation triggered by caffeine or a serious cardiac event, any heart-related issue can be nerve-wracking. At AliveCor, we’re always evolving our technology to help bring you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your heart health. That’s why we offer Advanced Determinations, a feature within KardiaCare that can detect six of the most common arrhythmias. In fact, our Kardia technology can detect more arrhythmias than any other personal EKG. With a KardiaCare membership KardiaMobile, KardiaMobile Card, and KardiaMobile 6L can detect:

Having accurate, detailed information about your heart's activity can make a big difference in your overall health. KardiaCare’s Advanced Determinations can detect common elusive arrhythmias that may otherwise go unnoticed if you’re not experiencing them the moment you’re in the doctor’s office. Advanced Determinations puts a comprehensive history of your heart activity directly into your hands to share with your doctor. Our robust set of detections can not only bring you peace of mind, but may help your physician make the appropriate medical decisions for your health.

What does the Advanced Determinations feature do?

Our technology analyzes your Kardia EKG recording and provides an FDA-cleared detection (from the list above) that tells you what’s going on with your heart activity in real-time. Advanced Determinations upgrades the way our technology analyzes your EKGs, allowing for even more accuracy and a wider range of detections. This feature allows you to detect three additional heart rhythm abnormalities—Sinus Rhythm with PVCs, Sinus Rhythm with SVE, and Sinus Rhythm with Wide QRS.

Who can use Advanced Determinations?

Anyone with a Kardia device (KardiaMobile, KardiaMobile 6L, or KardiaMobile Card) can use Advanced Determinations by joining KardiaCare. You don’t need a new device or even a new app.

Get started using Advanced Determinations with KardiaCare.

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