Automatic EKG Reviews

Get an expert set of eyes on abnormal Kardia EKGs—automatically.

Have your EKG automatically sent to a medical professional the moment you get an abnormal result. This KardiaCare Plus feature ensures you have a second set of eyes on your heart data when it matters most.

What is an Automatic EKG Review?

Automatic EKG Reviews are an exclusive feature available with KardiaCare Plus that will automatically send all of your abnormal Kardia EKG results for review by a trusted medical professional.* 

An abnormal Kardia EKG result includes Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), Bradycardia, Tachycardia, Sinus Rhythm with PVCs, Sinus Rhythm with SVE,  Sinus Rhythm with Wide QRS, and Unclassified.**

How is an Automatic EKG Review different than a Clinician Review?

Clinician Reviews can be done on any EKG of your choosing, normal or abnormal, and must be selected manually. The Automatic EKG Reviews feature will automatically send all abnormal Kardia EKG results to a medical professional for review—no extra steps required.

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How it Works

After you take an EKG with your Kardia device, a result will show in the Kardia app. If you receive an abnormal result, your EKG will be automatically sent to a medical professional for further review. 

Once your review is complete, you’ll receive a report from the medical professional detailing any additional findings, which may include primary rhythm finding, secondary observations on your heart rhythm, and additional educational content and recommendations. 

  • No appointment required
  • Get a report back in just one day
  • Automatic reviews of Kardia EKGs only
  • Included in your KardiaCare Plus membership

Note: Make sure you’re on the latest version of the Kardia app if you’d like to use this feature.

A New KardiaCare Plus feature.

Automatic EKG Reviews are included in your KardiaCare Plus membership. Learn more about the benefits you receive as a member.

*All medical professionals work for an AliveCor-affiliated independent, physician-owned medical group. AliveCor and Kardia do not provide medical services. Reviews will be performed by medical professionals licensed in the user’s state. U.S. only.

**An Unclassified EKG result means that Atrial fibrillation was not detected and your EKG does not fall under the algorithmic classifications of Normal, Bradycardia, or Tachycardia. This may be caused by other arrhythmias, unusually fast or slow heart rates, or poor quality recordings.