Introducing TeleConnect

Talk live with a cardiologist, no office visit required.

Connect directly with a board-certified cardiologist about your heart health, right from home. Whether you have questions about a specific EKG or need a trusted professional to review your heart activity, a TeleConnect consultation can help.

Connect with a cardiologist virtually and get your questions answered from home.

TeleConnect allows you to speak with a cardiologist via phone or video. There are two ways to book a TeleConnect consultation in your Kardia app.


Select “Speak to a Cardiologist” after you take an EKG.


Go to the Care tab and select “TeleConnect” at the top of your screen.

All TeleConnect cardiologists are board-certified

You’ll be automatically assigned a cardiologist when you book your TeleConnect consultation. All of the cardiologists are board-certified, which means they’re up to date on the latest advancements in cardiology and deliver the highest-quality care to each patient.

Choose which EKG you’d like to discuss

You can choose any single EKG you’ve recorded to discuss during your TeleConnect consultation. It will be sent to the cardiologist ahead of time so they can review before your visit.

Make the most of your time

Your consultation will last up to 10 minutes. As you book your appointment, enter as many health details as you can so that you and your assigned cardiologist are both well-prepared.

Get an after-visit summary report

Following your TeleConnect consultation, you’ll receive an after-visit summary report detailing the conversation with the cardiologist and noting their recommended next steps. View the report directly in the Kardia app or download as a PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions